About Us

911 day care

Do you often have childcare emergency, everybody is too busy, and you feel uneasy asking for help because you asked too many times already? Well, you do not have to beg anymore.

911 Daycare provides meaningful solutions for parents who are struggling to find adequate and affordable childcare at a moment notice.

We provide service for parents who have a nine to five job, parents who work nights, parents who work weekends, parent wishing to travel or take separate vacation from their children, parents who wishes to go to the movies, to an adult party, a job interview, a special appointment or just about anything. Our clients’ lives should not be complicated simply because they need childcare for their children.

Our 24/7 childcare services are designed for people who require aid but would like to be able to travel as they please and not have to beg relatives or friends for special favors relating to providing childcare for their beloved children. We help with travel companionship, home health care. Relief staff, emergency childcare, accompany to appointments, shopping trips, and much more.

We are 911 daycare, that is why we here, we make your schedule ours; weekend, day, or night- 24/7 No more begging relatives!