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Are you planning a family trip to enjoy the many wonders of New York City or anywhere out of state? Las vegas or Atlantic City perhaps? or you might just want to go on a weekend getaway, maybe you wish to rediscover the city that never sleep.

Let us help maximize your family's travelling and vacation enjoyment by offering you 24-hour assistance with your childcare needs. We can make a difference!

Our professional and experienced, Child Care Workers and Homemakers are fully equipped and can assist you with the following services:

  • Travelling Companionship
  • In-hotel Care
  • Personal Care
  • Emergency Child Care
  • Child Care for Injured and Sick Children
  • Care for Physically or Mentally Disabled Children

Give us a call! We offer our services with multiple language and ethno-cultural diversity. Let us help you enjoy the benefits of relaxation without the anxiety of childcare issues.