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Full-Time Rates:

Full time care is for 4 or more days per week. Charges are as follows: $_____ for each week. One week of vacation time is given at no charge after one full year of enrollment. Each subsequent week that is missed is payable at a rate of $ 75.00 per week.

Part-Time Rates:

Part-time is for 3 days or less on a consistent, year-round basis. The rate for part-time care is $_______ per week with one week of vacation time permitted at no charge after one full year of enrollment.

After School Care:

After school care is offered at a rate of $_____ per week. No discounts are given for days missed and no vacation time is permitted. No payment is due for summer months, however a $50.00 deposit is required to hold the position during the summer months.

Drop-In Care:

Drop in care is offered at a rate of $10 per hour for first four hours and $4 per hour after that.

Late Charges:

A charge of $10.00 per hour (or fraction thereof) is assessed for pick-up's made after the scheduled pick up time as listed on your agreement. All pick-ups made after the agreed upon time for pick ups will be assessed a charge of $2.5 for every 15 minutes (or fraction thereof)

After Hours Care:

After hours care will be supplied if pre-arranged and agreed to by both parent and caregiver. The charge for after hours care will be at a rate of $10.00 per hour.